Wonder Girls returns as four-member band
2015-08-06 오전 10:19 By Kim Jae-heun 조회 534
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Wonder Girls are back following a break of three years after appearing at a showcase at Understage by Hyundai Card in Itaewon, Seoul, Monday.

The popular Korean girl group managed by JYP Entertainment debuted in 2007, and quickly rose to stardom after consecutive megahits "Tell Me" and "Nobody" in 2007 and 2008. The songs sparked a nationwide dance craze with their easy choreography that people could follow.

For their reunion, the group will add to their trademark dance routines and play instruments. Such a change has no successful precedent for a girl group in K-pop history.

"We never planned to form a band in the beginning," said Ye Eun of Wonder Girls. "We just learned musical instruments. One day we played our song ‘Girl Friend' with instruments and our management officials who watched us play suggested we play in front of the public like a rock band."

"We were afraid that our fans would be unfamiliar with the new concept and find it strange watching us play instruments. But we became more confident when we began making our new album. Wonder Girls playing instruments will not be a one-off," said Sun Mi who returned to the band after temporarily leaving five years ago, allegedly for academic reasons.

Meanwhile, two of the original members of Wonder Girls, Sun Ye and So Hee officially left the group on July 20. Sun Ye said she wishes to focus on married life and her family and So Hee is now an actress and has moved to a different talent agency.

The group currently consists of drummer Yu Bin, acoustic guitarist Hye Rim, pianist Ye Eun and bass player Sun Mi.

Wonder Girls' new album "REBOOT" includes 12 tracks covering various genres such as freestyle, retro pop and slow jam that harks back to the 1980s. All four members have participated in producing and writing the songs. The freestyle title track "I Feel You," is the creation of Park Jin-young, a singer, record producer and founder of their agency.

Freestyle has never been a major trend in the Korean music industry but was popular in America in the mid-80s. However, Wonder Girls has been listening to artists such as Expose, Cover Girls, and the Jets to spark a new craze in Korea by performing live freestyle music.

"We tried to make the genre easy for the public by dancing to the music we play. Our new music will stick in your mind after listening to the songs two or three times," Ye Eun said.

JYP Entertainment released the album online Monday and the title song immediately topped eight different charts. The girl band will begin performing on television, starting with the KBS music show "Music Bank" on Friday. 

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