Prisoners drowned, blown up in shocking ISIS video
2015-07-16 오전 2:00 By Hallie Jeon 조회 812
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The latest gruesome ISIS video shows accused spies being drowned or blown up.

In the seven-minute video, released Tuesday, five terrified caged prisoners sink in a Mosul swimming pool. Once the cage is submerged, underwater cameras film them dying.

The video also shows three men locked in a car and blown up by a grenade launcher.

The shocking film then cuts to another set of prisoners who are lined up with explosive cables around their necks that are then detonated.

 Analysts say the Islamic terrorist group is using the video to send a twisted message: that their actions comply with the Islamic law, or sharia.

"ISIS is acting upon doctrines that say spies and apostates, those who leave Islam, are to be executed," said Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst.

"Even its executions are an attempt to portray ISIS as the most legitimate followers of Islam."

Veryan Khan, editorial director of the U.S.-based Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, said ISIS's propaganda machine was so prolific that it had to keep coming up with new ways to shock the world.

"It is no longer enough to behead, or to behead 21 men simultaneously, to burn them alive, or shoot them in mass firing squads," Khan said. "They must offer a triptych of executions, each more savage than the last."

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