'X Files' teaser hints at what's to come
2015-07-13 오전 2:00 Korea Times 조회 623
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A teaser video of "The X-Files" comeback has given fans a taste of what to expect when the series returns next year.

American TV network Fox posted the video on YouTube to promote the premiere of the six-part reboot of the science fiction horror drama on January 24 next year.

Texts in the teaser read: "Experience every episode of THE X-FILES -- one a day, in order -- all building up to the Event Series Premiere 1.24.16!"

Gillian Anderson, left, and David Duchovny in a scene from "The X-Files" film 
/ Korea Times file

The video also hinted that the original stars will return -- FBI agents Fox Mulder, played by David Duchovny, and partner Dana Scully, played by Gillian Anderson.

Chris Carter created the program and it aired from Sep. 10, 1993, until May 19, 2002, spanning nine seasons and 201 episodes.

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