CNN confuses Gay Pride flag with ISIS flag
2015-07-03 오전 1:00 By Hallie Jeon 조회 808
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CNN has mistaken a black and white flag decorated with symbols of sex toys for an ISIS flag during London's Gay Pride parade.

CNN correspondent Lucy Pawle made the "discovery" during Saturday's parade, claiming she was the only one who noticed an ISIS flag being waved in the crowd.

"If you look at the flag closely, it's clearly not Arabic," Pawle said. "In fact, it looks like it could be gobbledygook, but it's very distinctively the ISIS flag."

The satirical flag was arranged to look like the ISIS flag, with a man dressed in black and white carrying it.

"I seem to be the only person who has spotted this, and nobody seems to be raising any questions," she said.

ISIS has reportedly killed gay men by dropping them off buildings.

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